Starting 2015 with Inequalities

We need to work on solving inequalities tomorrow in my 7th grade classes. I would also like the kids to think about how to write inequalities from little “stories” I made up. Here’s a link to the sheet I wrote up: I’m going to have it on my doc camera and show one problem at a time and have the kids work in their groups of 3 or 4. I’m thinking I’ll have the kids work on mini whiteboards and compare them in their groups and then we can write their inequalities on the board and have them explain their reasoning to figure out which is correct.

I am a little worried the kids will write equations rather than inequalities for the problems, and I haven’t figured out how to have the kids graph the solutions on a number line because that is what we usually do when we teach inequalities. But I’m trying to do things differently, and I think the kids will learn more if they can figure out how to write the inequalities from realistic situations. I can teach the kids how to graph inequalities after they understand how to solve them and we can talk about why there is more than one correct answer to an inequality.

I think I’ll still do the investigation with my kids on comparing what happens to equations and inequalities when you multiply them by positive and negative numbers. I just want to make sure I have enough time for them to “discover the problem “and figure out what they need to do to make the inequality true. I’ll let you know what happens!

P.S. I’m really going to miss not having my teacher candidate, Katelyn, but I’m sure she’ll have fun at high school!


About debboden

I teach middle school math in Thousand Oaks, California. I love my job! When I'm not teaching, or thinking about teaching, I love to ride horses, read, take Zumba classes and be with my family and friends.
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1 Response to Starting 2015 with Inequalities

  1. Sarah Harlan says:

    Deb: I never heard the term “inequality” when I was in school, including graduate school in Business Administration and Accounting. I looked up the definition of “inequality – math” on Google.

    Here’s a joke, now that I’ve read your inequality “stories”: so now I’m supposed to send $25 gift cards to Tori and Libby on Valentine’s Day?

    Thanks for sending this to me, I continue to be terribly impressed with what you are doing! Love, Mom

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