Debbie’s Virtual File Cabinet

What did you do over your Spring Break? I FINALLY did something will all of the posts, tweets and other wonderful resources I’ve been sending myself as emails to my school email account. I’ve been doing this for about 2.5 years, so there was a lot to do, and, as it turns out, a bunch isn’t there anymore due to updated websites or dropbox items that can’t be found. Still, I’m happy that I a) have everything in one place, and b) read that great post on organizing by… (I don’t remember, but it was great!!) on putting everything in a Google Sheet.  Anyway, here is my Virtual File Cabinet (to copy so many others out there that coined that phrase, starting with Sam Shah), which does have links to Other Awesome Virtual File Cabinets!  Please use it as much as you like!


About debboden

I teach middle school math in Thousand Oaks, California. I love my job! When I'm not teaching, or thinking about teaching, I love to ride horses, read, take Zumba classes and be with my family and friends.
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3 Responses to Debbie’s Virtual File Cabinet

  1. Sarah Harlan says:

    This is so much better than printing and 3-hole punching everything and storing them in 3-ring binders! Sarah Harlan

  2. Karen Greenberg says:

    I’ve already used a bunch of stuff from your file folder!! It is so well categorized, you can find what you want and use immediately.
    This is so convenient; i have to do the same thing 🙂

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