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Days 23 – 27, September 26-30

Algebra – Here are some of the pictures I was trying to upload last week of our Concept Map and Gallery Walk. The  Post-it notes are the comments the kids wrote. Monday we reviewed a little – discussing what makes … Continue reading

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Days 18 – 22, Sept 19-23

I had lots going on outside of school so was not doing my blog! I’m doing it now before other things so it doesn’t get put off again… Algebra: this week we did 3 lessons on Functions from CPM. I … Continue reading

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Days 13 / 17, Sept. 14-16

Algebra was getting a little rushed because Tuesdays are all minimum days (39 minutes periods) and Wednesday was an assembly schedule (41 minute periods) so we were carrying over a little from one day to the next because I wanted to … Continue reading

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Days 13 and 14, Sept 12 & 13

Monday – Algebra had a quiz. I liked it because I think it made them think. They had to draw visual numbers (from the Week of Inspirational Math 1), find some numbers using Three 3’s, do some order of operations … Continue reading

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Days 10 – 12, Sept 7-9

Algebra Wednesday – We did a lesson on different graphs (CPM 1.1.2) where the kid collected data on 3 situations the first day, then graphed the data and answered questions the next day. The situations were A) How to arrange  a … Continue reading

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Day 9, September 6

We started doing different things in the classes today – team building will just be a continuing task, not the focus. In algebra we started using the supplemental text today – CPM Algebra 1. I gave each student a card … Continue reading

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Day 7 September 1!

Today was day 4 of the Week of Inspirational Math – Pascal’s Triangle. The video was great, talking about Fibonacci Numbers, where they are in nature and the Mona Lisa and Darth Vader’s helmet. It also talked about why most … Continue reading

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