Days 10 – 12, Sept 7-9


Wednesday – We did a lesson on different graphs (CPM 1.1.2) where the kid collected data on 3 situations the first day, then graphed the data and answered questions the next day. The situations were A) How to arrange  a pad of 36 squares  to later put a hot tub on. So they had to write all of the possible factors (and decimals were ok, but none of the kids did 3.6 x 10!). I had 36 square algebra tiles at the stations for them to arrange into rectangles and record the data. Lab B) was an illness epidemic! On day 0 there were 2 people sick, and each day following every sick person infected 2 other people. The kids had beans to model the numbers – at first some kept adding 2, and didn’t realize the existing sick people kept infecting others – they just had the most recently sick people as the “infectors”.  Lab C) was timing how long it took for one person in the group to write their signature 2, 3, 5, and 7 times.

Thursday – The kids graphed the data – Lab A) was a “curvy L”, not touching the x or y axes (they said “because you can’t multiply 0 by anything to get 36!) Lab B) was an exponential curve going up – and even though the table had room for 7 points, the graph only had 4 points on it (because there isn’t room on the graph anymore – the numbers get big too fast!) Lab C) was mostly linear, but since they aren’t robots sometimes their signatures were faster than other times.  We talked about if the first point should go through (0,0) (yes, because it takes 0 seconds to write your name 0 times). We also talked about if the points should be connected – and decided the number of names shouldn’t be connected because we were timing Names, not Letters. The graph pages were resource pages from the book, but I wrote up the questions for the kids to use when describing their graphs.1-1-2-day-2-questions-on-descgraphing-parabolasribing-graphs

Friday – I was at a meeting so missed Algebra yesterday, so we actually did the discussion from above today. Then the lesson was on Parabolas – each group had an equation to graph. I made a resource page 1-1-3-resource-page with a table and grid on it. I had everyone do a sample with me:  y =
-x^2 -3x + 4 so they could see what happens with -x^2, then each group had their own equation to work with. I had everyone use the x values of -5 to 5, which was great for 1 equation! I was walking around the whole time checking on how they were doing and had them extend their graphs to make them symmetrical.  I loved it when there was a math error and when I was talking with one kid another in the group would say “That’s what I said!!” There was a LOT of good math being done with integer multiplication.

Math 7CP

Wednesday –  We finished up the Carnival Ticket prices  by finding the unit price for each of our options. Then started finding unit prices using grocery ads from Vons Market (Safeway). I had gotten enough for all 3 teachers, and had the kids work in pairs so they’d have to agree on what to do! They had to find an item that was advertised as a multiple (like 3 Trisket boxes for $6) and find the unit price, then how much it would cost for different multiples, then how find how many they could buy for $7 and $12. Here’s the worksheet I’d made: grocery-ad-rates-and-unit-rates. We only got through the first one together in class, and they picked what they’d do for their next one – and I checked to make sure that they were picking multiples!

Thursday – I was back at lunch so I got to teach today. We continued with the Vons Ads – I really liked that they only had 1 ad for each pair because they really had to talk and make sure they were getting the same answers. We finished them yesterday – I think one person had to bring home the ad to finish (when I said they’d have to bring home the ad and finish at home it really sped up a couple of pairs!). I’m going to collect it on Friday.

Friday – I found an activity from Twitter called Best Buy – from England. We decided to change it from pounds to dollars, and made all of the units grams (they had grams and kg, which I really liked, but the emphasis was unit rate, not gram/kg conversions so we just thought it would be easier to have 1000g and 750g rather than 1kg and 750g! We also decided to call one item a diaper, rather than a nappie, but I think it’s cool to have them learn different vocab used in different countries! best-buy I’m going to just pass out the paper and have them figure out what to do in their groups – but I’ll be walking around to help keep groups on task!


Wednesday – We continued Building Equations and then started solving equations. We started talking about different ways to solve an equation “re-writing”, “undoing” or “looking inside”.

Thursday – More solving equations. The kids worked in pairs on the Large white boards on the walls. I noticed that some are NOT showing their work correctly. It seems like they think they can solve it any method (true) showing whatever work they want (false)!

Friday – the kids are taking a quiz – equations, three 3’s and review from the homework.


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2 Responses to Days 10 – 12, Sept 7-9

  1. Sarah Harlan says:

    What a busy week your students had, with several different situations to solve – good work! It’s interesting to read about the students’ thinking on these situations – thanks for including that. Love, Mom

  2. debboden says:

    Mom, I love how you comment on my posts!!

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