Days 13 and 14, Sept 12 & 13

Monday – Algebra had a quiz. I liked it because I think it made them think. They had to draw visual numbers (from the Week of Inspirational Math 1), find some numbers using Three 3’s, do some order of operations problems and then some From Their Homework! That really told me who is checking their homework. Overall everyone did very well.

Math 7CP also did a test – the MDTP for 7th graders. They’ll finish it next Tuesday (we have a minimum day every Tuesday, so the classes are only 39 minutes). For homework they had KenKen – most really liked it.

Math 7 Accelerated got their quizzes back – some are still learning how to solve equations (it would be helpful if they would actually ask for help before the quiz!) so I’ll be doing a retake. I need to make a worksheet for them to do for more practice as an entry ticket for the retake. They also had KenKen for homework. Did you know that you can get new KenKen puzzles each week emailed to you?

Tuesday – In Algebra the groups went up and we talked about each of the parabolas they graphed. Then they started plotting points for their next graphs (the lesson is Describing a Graph, Day 1), which are graphs of square root equations (CPM 1.2.1). Tomorrow they’ll plot the points and answer some questions to describe their graph, then present them to the class (hopefully! We have shorter periods due to an assembly schedule.)

Math 7CP  – we finished discussing the Best Buy activity and I collected their work on it. Then we started…. The Mullet Ratio! We only had time to go through the intro slides (see the website for all of the materials) and go to 3 of the stations on the Gallery Walk, but it is such an engaging lesson. Tomorrow we’ll finish the Gallery Walk and the kids will measure some Business and Party on their own – a worksheet and then 5 classmates! I made another review sheet review-hw-sept-12-16  for homework for this week, so it’s Tuesday’s problems for homework.

Math 7 Accelerated – Four kids came in for lunch help today to go over solving equations. I know a lot more want to retake the test! Anyhow – today we used Algebra Tiles for the first time. The kids traced the tiles in their spirals and named them by their areas. Then I had them take out certain tiles and write what they represented. We had an interesting discussion on why 2 “x squared” tiles would be called 2x^2, not 2x^4. We’ll use them more over the next few days, and solve equations with them. i don’t know if we are going to get out the mats at this point, but I think “seeing” what the difference between x and x^2 is will be helpful for a lot of the kids. They had some combining like terms problems for homework. combiningliketermspracticeset


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I teach middle school math in Thousand Oaks, California. I love my job! When I'm not teaching, or thinking about teaching, I love to ride horses, read, take Zumba classes and be with my family and friends.
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One Response to Days 13 and 14, Sept 12 & 13

  1. Sarah Harlan says:

    So many different math activities going on – I’m impressed that you can keep them straight from class to class, since what each grade level is learning is so different. Carry on! Love, Mom

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