Days 23 – 27, September 26-30

Algebra – Here are some of the pictures I was trying to upload last week of our Concept Map and Gallery Walk. The  Post-it notes are the comments the kids wrote.

Monday we reviewed a little – discussing what makes a function and naming the domain and range. Tuesday was the unit test, I was at UCSB for the Math Leadership Cadre meeting. Wednesday we started chapter 2, with Seeing Growth in Linear Representations. Thursday I gave back the tests, with comments and items marked, either for discussion or correction. There weren’t any scores on the test. The kids worked a while doing corrections together, helping each other with things they’d missed. I helped some too. They wanted to know how many points on the test, how much the questions were worth and other things to figure out their grade – I just said “I don’t know” to all of the questions. They passed the tests back to me and I put the grades on them in the afternoon to pass back on Friday. Then we began working on finding slope from looking at the graph. Friday we had a lot of questions on homework so I think spending time helped to clarify some thinking. We finished the lesson on finding slope (it was supposed to be one day but with returning the test it ended up taking 2 days) and… I forgot to pass back the tests to one class. I am having the kids that got 70% or lower come in and work with me at lunch – I’ll give them a few problems to do (correctly!) and raise their grade a little.

Math 7CP – We continued to work on Integers – telling stories for the expressions and finding the solution. On Monday we did a number talk with dots. Here’s the picture and the different ways the kids saw them. I was so happily surprised at all of the ways seen!

We had a white board review on Wednesday – the kids were at the big white boards on the walls and we mainly worked on graphing and reading inequalities. I thought they ALL had it – and some messed it up on the test we had on Thursday. I wonder how many times we’ll have to do it writing the variable on the left until everyone gets it!!! I corrected the tests by just circling the problem number if something was wrong (and putting in negatives if they were left off, so they didn’t magically appear…) and I’m going to pass them back today. We’ll do group corrections like we did in algebra, then go to the computer lab for Desmos! We’re going to do the Fractions on a Number Line activity.

Math 7 Accelerated-We started our “supplementary” text this week – CPM CC3. I bought the Black Line Master a few years ago after I saw Dr. Judy Kysh present at the Palm Springs Math Conference – so it’s legal for me to make copies for the kids. We started working on patterns and seeing how they grow, then did The Algebra Walk on Wednesday and Thursday. I had drawn a large coordinate plane (ok, the x-axis and y-axis) on the blacktop between our portables, and the kids were given numbers -6 to 6, in different colors. I would call up the Reds, and they would go stand on their number on the x-axis. (They all had a worksheet with the equations for each color and a place to draw the line and describe it.) Then I would tell them their equation “take your number and add 4 to it, move vertically to that number”. (y = x + 4) They would move and form a human line – some kids would move to that number on the x-axis so we got them corrected – and everyone would draw the line on their grid on the worksheet. 2 lines had positive slopes, 2 negative, 2 went through the origin, 2 didn’t, and one equation was y = x^2. The next day we came in and the kids plotted the points on larger graphs that I’d made, and we made the connections between negative slope and lines going down “when read from left to right, like we read a book”. It was pretty cool. Today is the retake for the equations test, and the day the leadership kids are going to camp – so those kids took their retake yesterday at lunch. Anyone can retake the test, but they get the grade of the most recent test. So far a couple of kids have gone down. Part of me want to have them keep the recent score, part of me wants to give another retake – the other teachers are not for another retake. I want them to know how to solve equations – which means knowing how to add, subtract, multiply and divide with negative numbers, and how to properly combine like terms!!! I don’t think it is right when a kid retook the test with a 70-something percent and now has a 60-something percent because they messed up. I think they should have to do it again! I think we’ll be talking….


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I teach middle school math in Thousand Oaks, California. I love my job! When I'm not teaching, or thinking about teaching, I love to ride horses, read, take Zumba classes and be with my family and friends.
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  1. Sarah Harlan says:

    Really interesting, especially on the retake question. Thanks, Mom

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