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Days 43-47, October 24 – 28

Algebra  – We started Chapter 2 and have been working with algebra tiles for most of this week. Monday the lesson was on zero and negative exponents – I really liked how CPM has the kids think about the zero … Continue reading

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Days 38 – 42, October 17-21

Algebra – On Monday we finished the last lesson this chapter – and the kids used Desmos to graph the equations of the lines they’d written, along with domain/range restrictions to make the ‘logos’. I thought they did a really … Continue reading

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Days 33-37, October 10-14

Algebra – This has been a fun week (for me at least!) because the lessons are all about slope: as a rate of change; writing equations of a line in different situations; finding “b” in y=mx+b by putting in the … Continue reading

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Days 28 – 32, October 2 – 7

Algebra – We started the week on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday) with the lesson “comparing delta y and delta x”. I love that CPM talks about slope as “change in y over change in x” and then moves on … Continue reading

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