Days 63-67, Nov 28 – Dec 2

I have 15 minutes so this will not be very thorough!

Algebra CP – We are working on Systems of Equations, we just started chapter 4. It starts with the “Equal Values” method, which the students also did in 8th grade  (assuming they had 8th grade math, and not Boost Camp). This is when the equations are both in slope intercept form and you just set them equal to each other since the “y’s” are equal.  Then we saw how it’s not always efficient to put the equations into slope intercept form, you get fractions for M and B, so another method is solving by substitution.  We were also writing the 2 equations from a situation. Today we put it all together – wrote the equations from the situation (yodelers with xylophones on a gondola…)and solved them, then graphed the lines – hey! they cross at the same solution, then made tables from the equations and saw that they both contained the same points! The kids worked on the white boards on the walls one day solving the systems.

Math 7CP – We are starting a new unit – proportions and more equations. We started the week with a Desmos Activity – Marcellus the Giant – to introduce proportions. Then we created Ratio Tables from examples in the book Building Powerful Numeracy for Middle and High School Students, which I think worked pretty well. I need to do more though!  Then we wrote proportions from “If the World was 100 People” – we made a worksheet from this YouTube video.  I want the kids to write one on their own at the end of the period, and a lot picked 30 would have the internet, 70 would not.  Then they wrote the proportion as 30/70 = …. I’m going around saying “is the world 70 people?”  Yeah, need more work on those! We ended the week doing Barbie Proportions – but it was too soon in retrospect. We need to work on solving equations by cross multiplying first, and how to logically set up a proportion more before we do this.  I’ll try and put all of the material for it in next week’s blog.

Math 7 Accelerated – We are continuing with chapter 3, and spent the beginning of the week looking at graphs and deciding what made a complete graph – labels, title, proper increments, lines with arrows and also looked at graphs and found the common errors. Then we reviewed some and took a quiz on chapter 3 that had “the silent board game” in it as well as equations, simplifying expressions and “graphing, tables, rules” – I gave them one and they had to do the other 2.  For homework after the quiz they had do solve 10 equations that had distributive property, combining like terms, etc.  This should be TOTAL REVIEW since we’ve been doing equations since September.  It was amazing to me how many kids were saying “I didn’t get that” and I’d start the problem with them and they’d have messed up on distributing, negatives, written the problem wrong.  I haven’t finished correcting the test – hopefully those equations are better!  Today we worked on solving equations and checking with the formal check – showing the substitution of the value for the variable and showing the equation is equal.

I’m also getting Maddy and Karen signed up for Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets conference at Stanford…in my spare time. I think it will be amazing, but getting the check from the district (Stanford won’t take a PO) is a ton of paperwork.  Fingers crossed that we’ll get them registered before the session is full!


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I teach middle school math in Thousand Oaks, California. I love my job! When I'm not teaching, or thinking about teaching, I love to ride horses, read, take Zumba classes and be with my family and friends.
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