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Days 113-118, Feb 27 – Mar 6

I know I’m totally messing up the weeks, but I wanted to write about what we did today! Algebra 1 – We’ve been working on Exponential Functions this chapter, and it is amazing how CPM has it laid out. I … Continue reading

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Days 87 – 94 Jan 17 – 27

I forgot to write a post last week, so here’s 2 weeks worth of learning fun! Algebra 1 – We finished our chapter on Explicit and Recursive equations. I had never taught Recursive before (I may have said this…). Anyhow … Continue reading

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Days 58-62, November 14-18

This year (and apparently this year only) we have a week off for Thanksgiving. And this is the week before that week, it’s the end of Trimester 1, and the kids are READY to be out of school. So of … Continue reading

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Days 53 – 57, November 7-11

I was absent the first 2 days of this week – I had a little R & R with my friends in Puerto Vallarta. The only problem with leaving school is preparing! I was working until 9:20 on Friday grading … Continue reading

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Days 48-52, Oct. 31-Nov. 4

Algebra – We started the week reviewing for a Quiz on Halloween, with no homework (which was appreciated by all of the classes!) and had the quiz on Tuesday. On Wednesday we started using Generic Rectangles to multiply monomials/binomials and … Continue reading

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Days 38 – 42, October 17-21

Algebra – On Monday we finished the last lesson this chapter – and the kids used Desmos to graph the equations of the lines they’d written, along with domain/range restrictions to make the ‘logos’. I thought they did a really … Continue reading

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Days 13 / 17, Sept. 14-16

Algebra was getting a little rushed because Tuesdays are all minimum days (39 minutes periods) and Wednesday was an assembly schedule (41┬áminute periods) so we were carrying over a little from one day to the next because I wanted to … Continue reading

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