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Last Week’s Alg Pictures!

I forgot to insert the pictures of our first data gathering. Here’s the wall with the 5′ – 12′ distances measured out. We had 4 stations. That’s a yardstick on the wall! Here are some pictures of the kids gathering … Continue reading

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Days 82-86 – January 9-13

Before I even get started I want to say that I’m so excited because I received Tracy Zager’s book: Becoming The Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had in the mail yesterday! I can’t wait to start reading it. Go buy … Continue reading

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Days 43-47, October 24 – 28

Algebra  – We started Chapter 2 and have been working with algebra tiles for most of this week. Monday the lesson was on zero and negative exponents – I really liked how CPM has the kids think about the zero … Continue reading

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Days 38 – 42, October 17-21

Algebra – On Monday we finished the last lesson this chapter – and the kids used Desmos to graph the equations of the lines they’d written, along with domain/range restrictions to make the ‘logos’. I thought they did a really … Continue reading

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Days 28 – 32, October 2 – 7

Algebra – We started the week on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday) with the lesson “comparing delta y and delta x”. I love that CPM talks about slope as “change in y over change in x” and then moves on … Continue reading

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Day 7 September 1!

Today was day 4 of the Week of Inspirational Math – Pascal’s Triangle. The video was great, talking about Fibonacci Numbers, where they are in nature and the Mona Lisa and Darth Vader’s helmet. It also talked about why most … Continue reading

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Day 5, Tuesday August 30

Apparently I missed yesterday! Kids wrote on the board their Three 3’s equations, and we discussed any that needed parenthesis. We also did the Designing Groupwork activity Rainbow Logic that Sarah Carter blogged about here. It was a minimum day (39 … Continue reading

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Day 6: Wednesday, Aug. 31

Today was the last student comment on the Name Tents. I’ll pass them back tomorrow, then collect them again. I want to do this again, maybe in November – but one class (subject) per week! We had an awesome discussion … Continue reading

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