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Pictures from Proportions

I wrote the blog on Proportions at home, and had my notes at school, so I thought I’d add a few pictures. This is what I wrote for the kids to compare the Original Proportion, the Proportion with common denominators … Continue reading

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I’m doing a long term sub job at my old school in 6th grade, math & science. Next week is the last week of school – I’m happy and sad about it. I will miss talking to my friends there, … Continue reading

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Days 78 – 81, January 3-8, 2017

Algebra – We came back from our Winter Break (aka Christmas Vacation when I was in school) and started chapter 5 in the CPM Core Connections Algebra Book. It’s on Sequences and I’m looking forward to teaching it because it’s … Continue reading

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Days 73 – 77 Dec 12-16, 2016

The last week of school before winter break! Algebra CP – We finished chapter 4. The week started by choosing the best method to solve systems problems, and writing systems from word problems. We had the group quiz on Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Days 68-72, Dec. 5-9

Algebra 1 – We’ve been working on solving systems of equations using the elimination method for part of the week, then the lesson was on picking the most efficient way to solve a system based on the system. It was … Continue reading

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Days 33-37, October 10-14

Algebra – This has been a fun week (for me at least!) because the lessons are all about slope: as a rate of change; writing equations of a line in different situations; finding “b” in y=mx+b by putting in the … Continue reading

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Days 28 – 32, October 2 – 7

Algebra – We started the week on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday) with the lesson “comparing delta y and delta x”. I love that CPM talks about slope as “change in y over change in x” and then moves on … Continue reading

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Days 13 / 17, Sept. 14-16

Algebra was getting a little rushed because Tuesdays are all minimum days (39 minutes periods) and Wednesday was an assembly schedule (41┬áminute periods) so we were carrying over a little from one day to the next because I wanted to … Continue reading

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Day 9, September 6

We started doing different things in the classes today – team building will just be a continuing task, not the focus. In algebra we started using the supplemental text today – CPM Algebra 1. I gave each student a card … Continue reading

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