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Days 119-127, March 7-17

Algebra CP – We finished our chapter on exponential functions and had our test. Most of the kids are doing really well, some are better at finding the constant multiplier (b) when given a table than if they are reading … Continue reading

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Days 33-37, October 10-14

Algebra – This has been a fun week (for me at least!) because the lessons are all about slope: as a rate of change; writing equations of a line in different situations; finding “b” in y=mx+b by putting in the … Continue reading

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Days 28 – 32, October 2 – 7

Algebra – We started the week on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday) with the lesson “comparing delta y and delta x”. I love that CPM talks about slope as “change in y over change in x” and then moves on … Continue reading

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Days 23 – 27, September 26-30

Algebra – Here are some of the pictures I was trying to upload last week of our Concept Map and Gallery Walk. The ┬áPost-it notes are the comments the kids wrote. Monday we reviewed a little – discussing what makes … Continue reading

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I’ve Stopped using the Slope Equation

Last year, when our school district finally decided to start using the Common Core standards for middle school, we created our own curriculum for Math 8CP. That’s when I decided to stop using “the slope equation” of “(y sub 2 … Continue reading

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