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The Generic Rectangle

It’s been a long time since I posted a blog – I retired from teaching Middle School in June, 2017, but have been subbing for one of the teachers at my old school for a few days. I decided I … Continue reading

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Day 6: Wednesday, Aug. 31

Today was the last student comment on the Name Tents. I’ll pass them back tomorrow, then collect them again. I want to do this again, maybe in November – but one class (subject) per week! We had an awesome discussion … Continue reading

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Week 1 2016-2017

First Day of School! Wed., August 24 I’m going to try and blog at least once a week this year (apprehensiveĀ  grimace facial expression on my part!). This year I’m teaching 2 classes of Algebra CP, 1 Math 7CCSS class … Continue reading

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3 Strategies I used Today (trying to reinforce Compound Inequalities in Algebra!)

Today we did “Hot Potato”, “Find the Error” and “Create a Problem” in my algebra 1 morning class (an extra help class) and my algebra 1 class. (These are all strategies from the College Preparatory Mathematics program I’ve started using … Continue reading

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