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Debbie’s Virtual File Cabinet

What did you do over your Spring Break? I FINALLY did something will all of the posts, tweets and other wonderful resources I’ve been sending myself as emails to my school email account. I’ve been doing this for about 2.5 … Continue reading

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I’ve Stopped using the Slope Equation

Last year, when our school district finally decided to start using the Common Core standards for middle school, we created our own curriculum for Math 8CP. That’s when I decided to stop using “the slope equation” of “(y sub 2 … Continue reading

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Scatter Plots and Lines of Fit – day 2

Today we wanted to plot the points from the Hula Hoop race and find a line of fit. Before school started I saw something that made me go to YouTube and type in “scatter plots desmos” which gave me this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miiYmGZ2990  … Continue reading

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Intro to Bivariate Data – Scatter Plots and Hula Hoops!

We started our unit on Bivariate Data today, which is basically scatter plots and 2-way frequency tables. We (my co-worker Karen and I) decided to start by having the kids plot points as homework and used this worksheet. The instructions ask … Continue reading

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